How  To Volunteer?

The Charny Carnival runs on the blood, sweat, tears and exilerating joy of volunteers. It just wouldn’t be the huge success it is, if it wasn’t for the wonderful people that give up their time and energy for this annual event.  It takes lots of ‘people power’, mixed with lots of talent and heaps of experience, to organise such a large scale carnival. Then these same people, turn up on the day to help on stalls, sell raffle tickets, provide information, cook sausages, replenish stocks of ice, drinks and ice-creams; or just to make sure the whole thing runs smoothly.

Our organising committee, the Charnwood Community Carnival Committee, meets regularly to keep track of the mountains of information and work involved with seeking financial sponsors and volunteers.  If you would like to be involved on the committee or just be part of this wonderful community event we would love to hear from you.

Become a Volunteer