The Charnwood Community Carnival - locally known as the Charny Carny came about from a conversation between parents whilst waiting for the preschool class to finish for the day; way back in 2003. Their experience brought about a thought that it was very exhausting working voluntarily on fundraising events and functions, continually competing with the three groups, Charnwood-Dunlop P.S., St Thomas Aquinas P.S. and The Mount Rogers Scout Group, for the same financial support.  There were also many family members who were fundraising for their chosen community groups.

The idea was to have one community event or function were everyone worked together, sharing the organising, sharing all the different tasks, sharing all the experiences and talent that they knew was in the community. The event needed to be fun, affordable and something interesting and entertaining for every member of the community.

Special thanks must go to the following organisations, from whom we have received continued organisation and support:

  • Charnwood-Dunlop Primary School P & C Association Inc
  • St Thomas Aquinas Primary School P & F Association Inc
  • Mount Rogers Scout Group

In 2016 the Charny Carny will be changing in is ownership from St Thomas Aquinas primary school, Charnwood Dunlop primary school and Mount Rogers Scout group to a Community Carnival that is run by members of the West Belconnen community and will benefit the West Belconnen community.  Because of the amount involved in getting this organised and off the ground there will be no Charny Carny in 2016 however we are hoping that 2017 will only be the beginning of an extensive run of the Charny Carny!